What’s new: August 2023

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Kelly Sutter
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Announcing two-factor authentication

Our implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA) will provide your account and subscriber data with an extra layer of security. When this feature is enabled, all users will be asked to enter a one-time verification code every time they log in. Users can choose to receive this code by email or SMS.




You’ll see two new pages in your account:

Security Settings

Go to Account > Security Settings

From this new page in the Account section, organizations can enable 2FA for the account. They can also review all users and their preferred channels.

Learn more →


2FA Settings

Go to Your Profile > 2FA Settings

To get started, click on your name in the upper-right corner of WordFly to access your user profile, then click 2FA Settings from the left sub-navigation.

  • Set up your mobile number to receive verification codes
  • Select Email or SMS as your preferred channel for receiving verification codes when you log in
  • Send a test code to your inbox to verify you can receive codes via email


Editor improvements

We’ve made various text and design updates throughout to make the editor UI more friendly to new users and non-coders. We’ve also added an alternative way to move blocks.

Move up/down

We’ve added arrows for moving blocks up or down within a design. Hover on a block or container for a brief moment and the arrows will appear in the upper-right. It’s perfect for those long email and page designs where dragging blocks can be, well, a drag.



New social icons

You’ll now see the Threads app logo in our social icons window. We also replaced the Twitter logos with X, the new brand. Any new and existing emails using our social icons will automatically show the new X logo in the style you have selected. If you’re not seeing it, it may be temporarily cached.




Campaign updates


Send test emails

Sometimes it’s the little things... We’ve added a link to Select / Deselect all addresses, by request. You’ll also see a refreshed design.



Subscriber imports

You’ll now see v15 and v16 terms when importing a list from Tessitura.



Workflows updates

We’ve fine-tuned the back-end to optimize import times for workflows triggered by Campaign and List Activity. We also made two behavior updates that set up your workflows for success.

  • Now, if an error occurs during the activation process, the status will not show as Activated. This will allow the workflow to be scheduled again as needed.
  • Now, when a workflow is cancelled, the status will change to Paused, even if it is cancelled before the start date. The workflow will be Read-Only in the editor.



  • List Summary
    Fixed issue where excluded addresses were not filtered out when importing a new list
  • Email Campaigns
    Fixed navigation bug where Send page did not load when an email was not assigned to the campaign
  • Editor
    The editor will now clean up artifacts that could be left behind in certain cases when editing HTML in a Text block
  • Welcome to WordFly and Forgot Password emails
    Updated the login links