What’s new: June 2023

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Kelly Sutter
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We’ve launched new testing and editor updates to make your campaigns shine.


Edited By filter

We made it easier to quickly find emails in grid views. Look for the new “Edited By” filter on the Emails, Blocks, and Starter Emails grids.


Closeup of the new Edited By filter on the Select an Email screen


Image block updates

The streamlined Image UI encourages you to provide alternative text for customers who use assistive devices.


Closeup of image block that does not contain alt text

  • Image source
    When uploading images, the image URL field now appears above the drag-and-drop zone

  • Alt text
    When the alt field is empty, an orange triangle icon will display as a gentle reminder. It will go away as soon as alt text is added. Use this area to briefly describe the image, or leave the field empty if the image is decorative.
  • href
    Additional link options now appear below the href field for consistency
  • More options
    Expand the More Options link to add a Caption, Class, or Target


Larger HTML editing window

More space for code! When you viewing the HTML for a Text block, it now opens a larger window for editing.


Closeup of HTML code for a block of text inside a dark mode window



Cleaner code

We are taking additional steps to remove extraneous code that can be silently inserted into emails and pages by browser plugins like Grammarly, Ring Central, and Teams. This code can affect rendering and loading. 

Now, when you click Save and Exit, code from plugins will be removed where possible, and the clean code will be saved to our database.

To verify that plugin code has been removed, click Save and Exit, then click the View Code button on the email landing page. Plugins are always changing, so we’ll continue to make improvements here as needed.

Thank you to Jamie O’Brien at The New 42nd Street and Alexis Lacey at Grant Park Music Festival for your help with this feature.


Testing updates

Fewer clicks! We removed the Testing landing page for email campaigns, so you can start sending test emails right away.


Closeup of Testing tab with new submenu at the top


  • New testing menu
    Click the menu below the Testing tab to jump directly to other options
  • Review your alt text
    In the Email Checklist, you can now see the alt text for each image in your email