What’s new: March 2023

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Kelly Sutter
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Announcing Workflows!

All-new marketing automation suite in your account.




Set your workflows in motion based on email events, list activity, or data in your CRM. They can be as simple or complex as needed. Use workflows to send personalized follow-up campaigns, reminders, and much more.

  • See examples of what you can do with workflows
  • Ask your account owner to enable the Create Workflows permission in your user profile
  • Log in, click “Create Workflow”, and follow the steps at the top


Guide to Workflows


Performance improvements

We took a closer look at some key WordFly features and optimized loading times for improved speeds when designing emails and viewing results. We will continue to improve speeds in future updates.



Media folders

You no longer need to wait for all media folders and files to load before the page displays. We are now loading 25 folders or files by default with the option to view 25/50/100 items per page everywhere you see media folders.

In addition, all media folders are now sorted by Most Recent date instead of alphabetically.

One more change comes with this update. The Media filter no longer filters from all images within a folder. It now filters from what is visible on the page.


Campaign grid views

Improved loading times on pages where campaigns are listed


Survey and forms results

Improved loading times for surveys with a large quantity of results



Editor updates


  • Video blocks
    Added support for YouTube Shorts URLs
  • Images in Text blocks
    When inserting an image, the width and height dimensions are now set as “unlocked” by default
  • Styles
    Fixed issue where px was added automatically instead of # inside of color fields


Email campaigns improvements


  • List Summary
    Any Email fields that contain multiple addresses will now appear in the Invalid Emails tab when imported
  • Sending
    Implemented additional checks to prevent a campaign from sending twice or to addresses with abuse complaints. We also fixed an issue where the campaign could not be scheduled because the incorrect email format was preselected.
  • Segmentation
    Fixed time zone issue that prevent segmenting by a future date in certain cases
  • Subscriber Preview
    Rebuilt the import process for triggered campaigns


Fixed and optimized


  • Top and footer menus
    Added “+ Design an email” link and a few other visual updates

  • Reporting: Clicks tab
    Refined display of campaigns with long URLs

  • Date + time selectors
    Resolved issue where Next arrow skipped forward two months in certain case

  • Pages: Results tab
    Fixed issue where survey responses were not showing an expand icon

  • Forward events reporting
    We resolved the issue where Forward events were not recorded and displayed on Sharing tab.
  • Permissions
    Fixed issue where people without Reporting permissions could not send a campaign