Review and test workflow campaigns

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After you build your workflow, continue to the Testing tab. The Testing tab shows a summary of all the campaigns inside your workflow.




  1. Have you added campaigns to your workflow?
  2. Continue to the Testing tab
  3. Click the Generate Campaigns button to enable the testing options
  4. Select a campaign and start testing


Workflow checklist

At the top of the page, you’ll see a checklist of the required items and actions for your workflow. If you need to make changes, we’ll let you know. 

Workflow settings Did you select an activity/trigger that starts the workflow and make selections related to it?
Workflow structure

Do the relationships between all of the workflow components follow the rules? It checks for:

  • A delay after every campaign
  • A campaign or condition after every delay
  • A campaign after a condition branch (Yes or No, or both)
Campaign requirements Does each component in your workflow have the required data?
Campaign generation Have the workflow campaigns been generated or synced before you can test and activate?



Generate campaigns

After your workflow components are selected and you are ready to continue, click the Generate button. This action will create all the campaigns set up in the workflow builder.

Now, you can start testing. All editing and testing of these campaigns will be done inside the workflow.

  • After they are generated, all campaigns that are part of the workflow will appear in the Email Campaigns grid and calendar. After they have sent and have results, they will also appear in the Sent Email Campaigns grid and calendar. 
  • All editing, testing, labeling, and deleting is done inside the Workflows section.
  • The workflow campaigns will have a paper plane icon next to them. Click it to quickly jump to the parent workflow.




Test campaigns

After the campaigns are created, you will see them listed on the Testing tab. The campaigns appear in the order they were added inside the builder. The order may be different than your workflow sequence. Click a campaign to access all the same testing tools you see with standard and triggered campaigns.

Send test emails Send a few tests before you activate your workflow
Inbox preview See your design in multiple email clients and scan for potential spam content
Subscriber preview Preview email personalization for any subscriber in your selected list. Subscribers that display here may not reflect the conditions set up in your workflow.
Email checklist Review required elements, links, and images or download an email image to share



Sync changes

If you make changes to your workflow inside the builder, you will see the Sync button. You must sync the changes before testing or activating your workflow.



Editing emails

To edit your email design, go to Email > Emails. Any edits made to the email design do not need to be synced. The workflow will always send the latest version, even when the workflow is active.



When you have completed your testing, click the Activate tab to send or schedule your workflow.



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