Set up control groups

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Miguel Panayotty
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This article covers the basics of control groups. Please refer to the Tessitura Help System for expert guidance: v15 | v16


Tessitura control groups define what data is available to each Tessitura-integrated WordFly account. Control groups are particularly important for keeping data separated for consortia.


What are control groups in Tessitura?

Control groups in Tessitura help define what data is available to WordFly and for each consortium member. For example, with the correct control group selected your organization will see only your lists in WordFly and without the incorrect one selected you might see list data from other sub-license holders.


Data governed by control groups include:

  • Extractions
  • Downloads (via Extractions)
  • Lists Manager lists
  • Output Sets
  • Promotion Attributes: Appeals, Media Types and Source Groups


Control group for license holders

A unique control group is defined for the TMS User connected to the TR_Organization ID for each individual organization.


Control groups for consortia

When a consortium starts using WordFly a unique control group will be defined for each TMS User in T_Defaults.