TNEW user account notes

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Miguel Panayotty
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Does your Tessitura website use TNEW? This article outlines a few helpful things to know about WordFly for TNEW users.


TNEW promo codes and source appending

WordFly’s source number appending feature adds the source number from your Tessitura list to all the links in your email campaign. Source appending allows Tessitura organizations to track sales connected to email and automatically apply a promo code through a clicked link.


TNEW websites have functionality to carry the source from the clicked link through the purchase path and to apply discount sources from clicked links. 


To properly setup source appending for TNEW websites, the link query string must be set to promo. This update is made in WordFly under Account > Tessitura. Enter the word promo in the query string field.


Important: When manually adding a discount promo code to your TNEW link you must disable WordFly’s source appending for your email campaign. This update can be made on the email campaign’s Settings tab.


TNEW account management and preferences

WordFly integrates with Tessitura preferences (attributes, interests and contact purposes). Preferences can be displayed on WordFly’s two-step unsubscribe page and any updates from this page will send back to update preferences on constituent records in Tessitura.


  • TNEW websites use Tessitura interests for communication preferences. Setup the same preferences in WordFly under Account > Preferences.
  • In Tessitura, interests are set up as keywords under system table TR_TKW.
  • Consider linking to your TNEW registration page for your email subscribe page (WordFly Signup is not CRM-integrated).


TNEW @tnew.tnew addresses

TNEW uses @tnew.tnew addresses for anonymous logins.


Example addresses,



These addresses can be imported into WordFly if not suppressed in your Tessitura list criteria. These addresses will not deliver and will count toward your active subscriber total and Pay Per Email pricing plan.


Be sure to add suppression criteria in your Tessitura lists to avoid importing these fake addresses. Only valid, opted-in addresses should be included in list imports.