November 2017: Features and Enhancements

Here's the November 2017 release! Read our full release notes for November updates here.


Designing & Modern Editor

Are you using desktop or mobile hide in your designs? Once a block is hidden from one view it was hard to remember when you're reviewing the alternate view. We've added functionality to show a message when there are hidden elements in the email design. Look for a yellow message at the bottom of the preview panel (right side of the editor). Learn more about hiding blocks.


Other Modern Editor updates:

Fixed! In preview mode (hiding the left panel) you can click on links in the template to test the links again. This was removed in our last release and now brought back. Thank you to Jessica Wong at Wales Millennium Centre for reporting this.


Additional link testing tip: Clicking on the mouse arrow icon in the upper right of Modern Editor will give you a link testing page!


Subscribers and Lists

We changed the way we are displaying hard bounce numbers in the List Summary page totals. Hard bounces used to display in both the subscribers were not imported and subscribers opted-out from this list or were manually unsubscribed. We've updated the summary totals so that hard bounce numbers only display in subscribers opted-out from this list or were manually unsubscribed. Hard bounces will still appear in the Subscriber import Issues section where they can be reviewed and overridden, as well as in the Export Import Issues download available from this section. A special thanks to Becca Brenner at New York Philharmonic for asking about these numbers and helping us think through the best solution. Learn more about subscribers who were not imported.




  • Some users were seeing odd reporting after campaigns sent. In some cases this was exaggerated open or click rates. We fixed this up!
  • The email client tab in campaign reporting now displays chart data again. Thank you to Vicky Wormald at Royal Exchange Theatre for letting us know. Learn more about email client reporting.


Tessitura Integration

Some Tessitura Integration users noticed responses being written back for download number 0. After investigating we learned that List Manager lists that were not promoted in Tessitura still carried over dl_no 0 which in turn was used to write promotion updates back to the Tessitura database. We have updated this behavior so that responses do not write back to dl_no 0. Thank you to Brian Pedaci at Tessitura who noticed the anomaly and reached out to learn more.




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