February 2018: Features and Enhancements

Here's the February 2018 release! Read our full release notes for February updates here.



We’ve been hard at work on our new Pages feature, and we’re excited to open it up to everyone for a free pre-release spin. Build RSVPs, Surveys, and Landing Pages right in WordFly using Modern Editor. Analyze results after users submit responses. We'll be adding more features to Pages over the next few months, so we'd love to hear what you think. Learn more about Pages.


We've enabled permission for all users to try Pages during the beta. The ability to publish pages to a live server is a separate permission, though, that is NOT enabled by default. These two permissions can be easily changed in Account > Users.


Try it out! Build a new:


Many thanks to all the users who provided feedback during our early demos of Pages. We've incorporated all the suggestions and hope you love Pages as much as we do!


Modern Editor

We added Browse Pages to easily link your email campaigns to RSVPs, Surveys, and Landing Pages. Connect your Pages to email campaigns and track specific subscriber responses. Learn more.


Update your button corners to square or round by adjusting border-radius. Previously users had to update border-radius in their design's CSS but now this can be done from the styles section of your Modern Editor design. Learn more.


Access your CSS code from a new tab in the lower-left of Modern Editor. You'll see the HTML tab and CSS tab together. You can still edit your CSS in any block's styles area or access it exclusively in the CSS tab. Learn more.


WordFly used to restrict users from creating an email template with the same name as one that was deleted. This is because each email template gets a unique emails media folder using the template name. We made it possible to create a new email template with that same name by deleting the media folder first.

To delete the media folder:

1. Delete the email template that you no longer want.
2. Go to Email > Media > Emails folder and delete the media folder for that email template.
3. Go create your email template with the same name as the old one.


Thanks to Jessica Dill at Stratford Festival for providing user feedback to help us think about the best solution here.



We fixed a bug that enabled you to misplace your Emails folder - yikes! Now the Emails and Pages media folders cannot be moved into other folders. Thanks to Victor Widjaja at Canadian Opera Company for letting us know about moving the Emails folder.


Email Campaigns

Do you like long campaign names? WordFly used to cap campaign names to 50 characters under the email campaign Settings tab. We've extended the maximum campaign name length to 250 characters. Enjoy longer campaign names! Thank you to Suzanne Faulkenberry at Perot Museum of Nature and Science for flagging the low limit from the Settings tab - we're glad this is updated now.


We also fixed an issue where you couldn't rename a subscriber list while working on adding a segment. Thank you to Luke McKenzie at Perot Museum of Nature and Science for letting us know.


And, while we were in email campaign segmentation we also fixed an issue where you couldn't update an existing Segment by Event rule in certain cases.



Our Facebook and Twitter social integrations can track Facebook shares/likes and Twitter retweets. However, with API changes this reporting wasn't pulling through recently. We fixed this up! Under Reporting > Sent Email Campaign, the Sharing tab now shows Facebook shares/likes and Twitter retweets. Thanks to David D'Arcy at Queensland Theatre Company for bringing this to our attention.



We're excited to welcome new countries to the WordFly community! We've updated Account > Organization Info to include regions for Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Välkommen! 




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