March 2018: Features and Enhancements

Here's the March 2018 release! Read our full release notes for March updates here.



Pages beta has been available since early February! Thank you to all the early users for your great feedback and suggestions. We have extended the beta period through mid-April 2018 to wrap up final work with pricing plans and the Tessitura integration. There were also a number of enhancements and some important bug fixes completed since our initial release.


We made some helpful Page enhancements over the last month:


New Sync button! Click the Sync button to push new page edits to the live server without needing to unpublish first. The sync button will be visible on the Settings page after you make a change to a published Page Set.


On Page Settings landing page, we made a few updates:

  • Helpful info icon to show when pages were created, modified, published and unpublished.
  • Clicking the Test and Public URLs now copies them to the clipboard.
  • Download drawer for accessing the page results CSV no longer opens by default on page load.


RSVP + Survey form pages:

  • Added Regular Expression options so you can specify a date or phone entry format.
  • Added default max character limits for questions (1000 characters) and answers (500 characters).
  • Pages validation check will now scroll up to first error on page after clicking Submit.


Page Results landing page:

  • Added an orange dot next to a respondent's email address to denote when a person has responded multiple times.
  • Added ellipsis if checkbox and radio answers are longer than one line.
  • Text area answers now show only first line with + to view entire answer.


We also added a helpful warning if you are about to delete a published Page Set. And Polished up the design here and there. We hope you enjoy all the enhancements!


We also tackled some important Pages bug fixes. Thanks to all the beta users we addressed a few saving and editing issues in RSVPs and Surveys. You'll find a full list of bug fixes in our release notes.


The biggest bug fix required a change to the starter pages. With this change, there are some very important things to keep in mind, especially with RSVPs.

  • Build NEW Pages rather than editing or duplicating existing pages.
  • Do not edit, save, or duplicate pages built before Monday, March 12. It may cause them to break and prevent RSVP pages from working. Simply viewing the page in the editor is safe.
  • Any published pages should be OK if the Page is not edited, but we recommend testing any customer-facing published pages to make sure everything is working like before.



Modern Editor

Let's get more social! We added a handful of new social icons to the social icons library. Now available: SoundCloud, Spotify, TripAdvisor, Vimeo, Yelp, and calendar. We also added two new design options and updated all the icons to retina sizes so that existing images with height and width assignments at half the size will look super crisp.  Learn more


We also added the ability to set the target for links to specify whether the link opens in a new tab or the same window. To change your link behavior select your text or image block and set the target field to _blank to open in a new tab/window or leave the field blank for opening in the same tab/window. The default target setting will vary based on what you are designing:

  • For email designs, links will automagically be set to _blank if no target is defined. This will open the link in a new tab. Note, this has always been the default setting for links in email designs.
  • For page designs, links will open in the same tab/window if no target is set.


Media updates:

  • In the Media section, we updated the Show option to Show + Copy URL to automatically copy the URL to the clipboard. Click on your media file name to view this option.



Under Subscriber Profiles, we added a helpful email campaign info icon to Subscriber Profile > Activity. Use Subscribers > Subscriber Search to look up a subscriber profile and view the Activity page. Learn more




We added ellipses to long campaign names in the Reporting overview section to help with the display on-screen. And we also fixed an issue n email campaign reporting where the Share tab was loading an error page for some accounts.


Tessitura Integration

The new v3 services are available for all Tessitura integrated organizations. The new services are required for the v14 Tessitura upgrade and for sending Page response data back to the database. Reach out to WordFly support if you are ready to upgrade.



  • Ongoing stability improvements




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