September 2017: New Features and Enhancements

Here's the September 2017 release! Read our full release notes for September updates here.


Email Designs & Modern Editor

NEW! Now you can add a linear gradient to any background image area in Modern Editor. This is a trendy design technique used across the web and has good email client support (where it isn't supported the fall-back works nicely). Learn more


Also, we added icons to the editor's block duplicate/delete option. Right-click on the right side of the editor (preview panel) to use duplicate/delete. See the update. Shout out to Jeanie Arnold at Smithsonian for helping us think of this idea - thank you!


In the Media section we switched the default view back to the Home section after a brief stint where we tried it defaulting to the Emails folder.



By popular request, we added the ability to assign and remove campaign seed lists in WordFly! A few months back we added the ability to setup the seed list with a little help from our team. Now account users can manage seed lists on their own. Go to Subscribers > Lists to assign a seed list or see which lists are already setup as a seed list. We also added a pretty cute seed icon to highlight the list. Enjoy! Learn more



NEW! We added a new Metrics by Mailing export under Reporting > Export Data. This export allows you to see the metrics for each mailing of a triggered campaign instead of the campaign as a whole. Learn more


Special thanks to the team at American Museum of Natural History for suggesting this new export option!


Tessitura Integration

We made a small update to Box Office Insights (WordFly's custom screen for Tessitura). The Resend button needed a small tweak to work in older browsers. Learn more

Attention, Tessitura Extraction users! To ensure that Extraction imports correctly process addresses with + symbols, the WordFly services should now be configured to use UTF-8, instead of UTF-7. Instructions for this quick update


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