WordFly SPF requirements

Learn about WordFly SPF requirements.

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WordFly SPF record

Adding the WordFly servers to DNS SPF record (optional/not required)



WordFly SPF record


WordFly uses an SPF record on our sending domain to ensure your emails reach the inbox. Only the sender has to publish the SPF and WordFly is the sender. Standard SPF uses the domain in the envelope from address, which for WordFly emails is return.wordfly.com



Adding the WordFly servers to DNS SPF record (optional/not required)


SenderID has been deprecated by ISPs as a requirement for reaching the inbox. WordFly does not require this text record to meet deliverability best practices. You can still publish a SenderID following these steps.


1. Log in to your DNS.

DNS Examples: GoDaddy, DNS Made Easy, Network Solutions, etc.


2. Go to Advanced DNS Management.

This will be different for each DNS. Please let us know which DNS you are using for further assistance.


3. Review your TXT records and locate the WordFly SPF.

Publish a WordFly SenderID using one of these options:

  • As an include: "include:wordfly.com ..."
  • Or as the WordFly IP range: "ip4:"


Note: Using the include mechanism in your SPF record has the potential to introduce an unknown number of DNS lookups, which could in turn cause SPF authentication failures for your SPF record which would cause deliverability issues.



DNS updates typically propagate within 24 hours or faster depending on TTL settings. Please email us if you have questions.




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