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Segment by a subscriber’s subscribe date (WordFlySubscribeDate)

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Use segmentation by subscribe date to send a Welcome email to new subscribers.


Segment by the date a subscriber was added to WordFly (WordFlySubscribeDate)

Send an email to all the subscribers that have been added to your account on a specific date or date range via WordFly Signup subscribe page, WordFly Lightbox or were imported from a list. The data field that corresponds to when the subscriber was added to WordFly is WordFlySubscribeDate. Each subscriber has a unique WordFlySubscribeDate logged at the time of subscribing and this date is used to segment by subscribe date.


What to expect when segmenting by subscribe date:

  • The WordFlySubscribeDate data field is added to accounts once a day. Segmenting for same-day may not give the expected results.
  • Greater than and less than operators are the best to use for WordFlySubscribeDate. These operators essentially let you pick a date range as opposed to operators containing an equal to portion which will consider the subscribe time and may return unexpected results.
  • Segmentation by WordFlySubscribeDate looks for dates of when people joined WordFly and not the specific list being segmented.
  • Note, when segmenting your WordFly Signup or Lightbox subscribe list, the segment number total will not necessarily match what you're seeing in the list history for subscribe form signups because WordFlySubscribeDate is added once a day and is based on when a subscriber is first added to WordFly.


How to segment by subscribe date

Follow these steps to segment your list by subscribe date (WordFlySubscribeDate) in order to include all subscribers who subscribed during a specific window of time.


1. Set up your email campaign.


2. Under the Subscribers tab, select or import your list.


3. On the List Summary page, select More List Actions > Segment Your List.


4. Select Create a new segment.


5. Select Add profile data for your segment.


6. Select Other.


7. Further define your segment from the available dropdowns.

  • Data field: Select WordFlySubscribeDate
  • Operator: Select the greater than operator or less than operators
  • Open field: enter in the date(s) you would like to segment by with each operator
  • Any/All dropdown: Adjust the Any/All toggle to ALL


This example is will capture all subscribers who subscribed during a window of time.


8. Select Add to segment


9. Select Apply to list




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