Tessitura API v14 and WordFly

The Tessitura v14 upgrade requires no changes to your WordFly services installation but you will have other updates to make. Review changes and FAQ's for Tessitura v14.


WordFly functionality


Tessitura is requiring .NET 4.6 for the v14 Tessitura upgrade. This breaks the current WordFly services. New WordFly services are available and will need to be installed to continue using the integration. The new services will also be required for sending Page data (RSVP and Survey responses) back to Tessitura. Please contact WordFly support for next steps.


Otherwise, there are no changes in how WordFly communicates with Tessitura.


Contact Restrictions changing to Contact Permissions


In Tessitura v14 Contact Restrictions are being phased out and replaced by Contact Permissions. What does this mean for the WordFly-Tessitura integration?


Contact Restrictions refer to Mail, Phone and E-Market Restrictions that have historically controlled a patron's opt-in status for these communication channels. These fields were present in the lower right corner of the constituent General Tab. WordFly integrated organizations would configure Tessitura's LP_UPDATE_EMAIL_PROMOTION stored procedure to handle how unsubscribe responses (@response code 5) would update the E-Market Restriction on the constituent record. The typical unsubscribe configuration was to set the E-Market Restriction to No E-Marketing.


In Tessitura v14, Contact Permissions will be replacing Contact Restrictions. The E-Market Restriction will be removed. Permissions will be located under the Contact tab of the constituent record as a new radial option. Contact Permissions will give organizations a mechanism to audit opt-in and opt-out for various Media types. For example, when a subscriber unsubscribes for Media type Email, the contact Permission will need to be updated appropriately.


The upgrade to Tessitura v14 will require all organizations to update the LP_UPDATE_EMAIL_PROMOTION stored procedure to handle how unsubscribe responses update the Contact Permission for email.


Organizations using WordFly's integration with Tessitura preferences should also review the LP_WF_PREFERENCE_UPDATE_CUSTOMER stored procedure to ensure it is still handling preference updates (contact purposes, interests, and attributes) in the best way possible. In most cases, no changes will be necessary for this procedure. 

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