August 2017: Features and Enhancements

Here's the August 2017 release! Read our full release notes for August updates here.


Email Designs & Modern Editor

We've been focusing on how to make accessing the STYLESHEET in Modern Editor easier. We've found the perfect solution.


Now in Modern Editor when editing content blocks the BLOCKS and STYLESHEET tabs now appear at all times to allow easier access to General Styles. No more closing out a block to access the STYLESHEET. This tab will always be available. Learn more about setting up your email styles.


Also, when editing content for any block the block name and Content and Styles links are now centered below the tabs. No functionality has changed, it's just an updated UI. Click the X to return to the BLOCKS and STYLESHEET default view as always.

Additionally, we moved some elements in the STYLESHEET section. In General Styles we moved the Typography section to the top of the editing window since most users focus their attention on these updates. And we moved Preheader and Footer sections into Single Blocks. We hope these updates make your work more efficient!


Other Modern Editor updates:

  • Link warning: Added warning text if you enter an HREF URL that does not include a protocol, e.g. http:// You should still always test your links, though!
  • Embedding Video: Improved Video UI and added helpful info about embedding HTML5 video.
  • Text block: Fixed issue where a grey bar appeared below the content when new code was pasted into the HTML window.


Tessitura Integration

NEW! Box Office Insight—the WordFly custom screen for Tessitura—now has the added ability to resend an email to a subscriber. Learn more.


Special thanks to the following customers who suggested this feature:

  • Susan Hayes from Metropolitan Opera
  • The team at Stratford Festival



We added gallery arrows to the calendar views for Email and SMS Campaigns.



  • Heat Maps: Fixed issue where heat map PDF didn't download if blocks were manually moved outside of the #email-container.
  • Link tracking: URLs that inadvertently contain spaces at the beginning will now redirect correctly.


Site UI Updates

Keeping in the spirit of our new look for 2017, we polished up the design here and there.



  • Ongoing list importing and page loading improvements
  • Ongoing stability improvements
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