How do I make a color transparent in my email? (Modern Editor)

Easily set any color to transparent in your Modern Editor email design.

Topics covered in this article:

Use cases for transparent colors

Email client support for transparent colors

How to set a transparent color in Modern Editor



Use cases for transparent colors

Typical use cases for transparent colors in emails include:

  • With background images: Set a transparent background color so that your background image can be seen through a color band.
  • With fonts: Set your font color to transparent to hide the font.


Email client support for transparent colors

Transparent colors have great support across most email clients. Of course, as we typically find, Outlook does not support transparent colors well. If there are email clients that do not support the feature (like Outlook), the email client will simply show an opaque solid color instead of a transparent one.


How to set a transparent color in Modern Editor


Follow these steps to set a color to transparent in a single block:


1. Open your email template in Modern Editor

2. Click on the block you would like to edit colors for (text, image or container)

3. Select the STYLES tab

4. Select any element where there is a color option, such as the container or font

5. Set the color to transparent by selecting the transparency box.


You can follow those same steps to set transparency globally under the email's STYLESHEET. Click on the STYLESHEET tab from the edit content panel (left side of the editor).


Example of setting transparency to the STYLESHEET > Email Background > Container



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