May 2017: Features and Enhancements

Here's the May 2017 release! Read our full release notes for May updates here.


Email Designs & Modern Editor

This month we made some lovely updates to our email template and media previews, as well as a handful of other helpful changes. We are excited to show off all our hard work!


NEW! Gallery Views for Emails and Media. Easily browse through your email previews on the Email Templates page. Easily browse through your images in Modern Editor and the Media page. Click a magnifying glass icon to get started. Quickly download email previews and images by clicking the cloud icon. Learn more


Modern Editor updates:

  • NEW! Location icon will easily find your block if it's scrolled off-screen. Learn more
  • NEW! Media Queries toggle allows you to preview what your email might look like when responsive media queries are not supported in older OSs or apps (e.g., Outlook Mail app on iPhone). Learn more
  • Optimized code to limit the factors that could cause intermittent freezing
  • Added a Blank email to the Modern Editor starter email options
  • Added quick access to help and keyboard shortcuts in Settings tab
  • Added a buffer zone to the bottom of the preview panel
  • Browse Media link now opens the folder for your email instead of the Home folder by default
  • Text that is pasted into the content editor is no longer highlighted by default
  • Fixed issue where Up/Down keyboard shortcuts didn't work
  • Fixed issue where new blocks couldn't be placed if they had all been deleted

Media updates:

Added ability to filter images and folders by name in Modern Editor and the Media page. This feature was requested by Claire Evans from Royal Albert Hall and Chris Cooper from Birmingham Hippodrome - thank you for your great suggestion! We absolutely love this new feature!


Email Campaigns

We made several updates in the Email Campaign testing process.

  • Link Tracking: Resolved the redirect issue when /#/ was present in URL and Google Analytics and Source Number tracking were enabled. We now explicitly ignore /#/ in URLs when processing anchor tags in tracked links.
  • Inbox Preview: Added messaging if service is unavailable
  • Email Testing step: Resolved issue that caused page to not load at times


For Email Campaigns and Sent Campaigns we fixed an issue where campaign info modal didn't load in certain cases. We also fixed a minor display issue for long campaign names.


And for Triggered campaigns, we removed gender binary wording on the Activation page. Thank you to Reynaldi LoLong from Public Theater for bringing this to our attention!


Custom Pages

Organizations who don't have a redirect page specified in their basic single email email subscribe form subscribe form are now redirected to the default WordFly Subscribe confirmation page. This update was made from the many support questions we have received on this point. We're happy there's a default solution in place now!



Archive URLs for standard email campaigns are now added automatically to Metrics By Date and Metrics by Campaign data exports under Reporting > Export Data. Thank you to Victoria Ngu from Bangerra Dance and Jamie O'Brien from New42 for bringing this to our attention!



We fixed a minor issue where the SMS Send page didn't load in certain cases.



  • Ongoing list importing and sending speed improvements
  • Ongoing stability improvements


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