March 2017: Features and Enhancements

Here are the March 2017 updates! Read our release notes for March here.


Modern Editor

NEW! Have you ever wanted to vertically align text and images in your columns? We added the ability to adjust the vertical alignment of columns. Special thanks to Jamie O'Brien from New42 for the great suggestion! To use this feature, upgrade an existing email an existing email or create a brand new email from any one of our starter email. Learn More about vertical alignment in Modern Editor.


Other updates:

  • Removed an outdated Gmail fix that was causing issues in Yahoo due to Yahoo's recent updates
  • Improved email rendering in Yahoo-native mobile applications
  • Fixed bug where users couldn't upload or view media if the email template name contained the word "releases"


We made a brief nod to Classic Editor by fixing an issue where buttons weren't displaying in Outlook 2015+.


Email Campaigns

NEW! Calendar view for email and SMS campaigns. You can now see your scheduled and sent campaigns in a calendar view. Filter by Month, Week, Day or List information. The Calendar view is available under Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, and Reporting > Sent Campaign sections. Toggle the page view to the calendar icon.


Special thanks to the following individuals who suggested this helpful feature:

  • Madeline Dummerth from Virginia Stage Company
  • Cassandra Lee from Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Tanya Hoffman from Kennedy Center
  • Rosa Luna from American Museum of Natural History



We fixed a minor display issue in Heat Maps and where "Active since" showed the time the campaign was last modified instead of the time of the first event.


Account Set Up

Oops - we found a typo in the WordFly Subscribe error page. We're glad it was a quick and easy fix!


Site UI updates

We updated the footer menu with a WordFly icon to help users find it faster. The footer was also updated with links to our social sites, reporting apps and WordFly Status page.


We also continued to freshen up design for the new year. We hope you like the updates as much as we do!



  • Ongoing speed optimizations to reduce campaign sending times
  • Ongoing speed optimizations to reduce list import times and provide more information about import errors  
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