February 2017: Features and Enhancements

Here are the February 2017 updates! Read our release notes for February here.



We've been updating the design across WordFly for 2017. More fresh updates were made in this last release.


Modern Editor

Have you received a script tag warning in your email? We are now removing most script tags when an email is loaded into the editor. We know some users may still need to use script tags for specific design or functionality. Any script tags that have been intentionally added by users will not be removed the next time the email is opened in the editor. The script tag warning no longer displays when an email is saved.


Other updates included:

  • Any MSO comments that have been intentionally added by users are now preserved in the Outlook PC version of email.

  • Double quotes placed around alt text or inside the title tag are now converted into ASCII


Email Templates 

When converting the HTML version of an email template to the Text version:

  • Text inside H1-H6 tags is no longer converted to all-caps by default.
  • URLs in H1-H6 tags are also preserved (previously those links were removed).



Continued ongoing speed optimizations to reduce list import times and provide more information about import errors.


Email Campaigns

We made an improvement to the Seed List functionality. Now if you have a list set up as a seed list, deleting it removes its designation as a seed list and those addresses are no longer sent to. Learn more about Seed Lists.


We also updated what links WordFly considers valid. Links that end with curly brackets now track correctly. This update can be seen under the email campaign Testing > Full Review



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