January 2017: Features and Enhancements

Happy New Year! Here's the January 2017 updates. Read our release notes for January updates here.


New look for the new year!

We've freshened up the design across WordFly for 2017. Look for updated buttons and fonts across the site. We hope you love the updates as much as we do. 


Modern Editor

New! Settings tab allows you to edit high-level specs for your email template. We'll continue adding to this as new ideas come up. For now, you'll be able to update the 'view in browser' page title as well as your email width in Outlook PC. Look for the cog icon on the edit content panel of the editor (left side). Both settings are optional, of course. Learn more.


Other updates included:

  • Improved stability when code is accidentally pasted into the wrong areas.
  • Added more notifications if recommended code for email clients or required code for the editor is accidentally deleted.



We made a few adjustments to subscriber lists.


Do you like to merge lists together? We have added an updated progress page for the merge process that will give more information about the status of the merge and if there any any issues during it. Learn how to merge lists.


Other updates included:

  • Continued ongoing speed optimizations to reduce list import times.
  • Resolved issue where SMS numbers did not import from CRM for our Centaman customers.
  • Resolved issue where imported dates were translated into the incorrect, non-local date format in certain cases.


Email Campaigns

Thanks for user reports we found a couple enhancements to sending tests and scheduled campaigns:

  • Multiple test emails are no longer sent when "Send Test" button is clicked in rapid succession
  • Multiple campaigns are no longer sent when "Schedule Campaign" button is clicked in rapid succession.


And, we updated our campaign info window to display even when the campaign's email template is deleted.



We fixed a Heat Map bug where layers appeared on top of each other when similar URL paths were used.


Tessitura CRM Integration

We resolved an issue in WordFly's Box Office Insight custom screen for Tessitura where the most recent campaign was not displaying until a new campaign was sent to the subscriber. Now all campaigns display after being sent, as expected.


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